Program Details

Only certified teachers (from all schools) with a minimum of three years teaching experience will be considered

Ms. San Miguel works with small groups (generally between 10 minimum and 14 maximum) for a period of 160 direct contact hours divided into four (4) sessions over a two-year period.

A Diploma will be issued attesting that the person has successfully completed the Pilates Master Mentor Program under Ms. San Miguel’s mentoring.

If the person has passed the course with a rating of over 7.5, he/she will be awarded the title of “Lolita San Miguel Pilates Master.” In addition he/she will receive the title of “Second Generation Pilates Teacher.” Ms. San Miguel is one of only two living persons who can grant this last and enviable title.

Ms. San Miguel will work with teachers:

  • To develop and refine their ability to “see,” thereby expanding their ability to identify and correct flaws in clients;
  • To pass the torch of the quality best described as “The Spirit of The Method” Ms. San Miguel received directly from Joseph and Clara Pilates;
  • To develop the finesse of a Master through the awareness of the many nuances, the beauty of movement and the importance of rhythmic flow;
  • To share experiences, challenges and goals, which will be helpful to the group and their clients;

The goal of the Program is to produce teachers of the highest quality, who have the knowledge and deep understanding of the method and who have demonstrably shown the ability to impart them to Ms. San Miguel’s satisfaction. They must also give proof of the love of the work, commitment and integrity necessary to continue the legacy Ms. San Miguel received directly from Joseph and Clara Pilates.


An Unforgettable Experience..

"An unforgettable deep learning experience...what I didn't expect was to have a new family from all over the world”

— Laura Cordle

Teaching Success is Guaranteed!

Lolita's work joins history - her mentor was the father of the Method - and the future. She has a loving heart, wisdom, a rich life experience, and passion for Pilates. With her as your mentor you are in reliable hands and your teaching success is guaranteed."

— Katya Smirnova

Another Income Stream!

“The PMMP made me change my business for the better and as a Legacy Educator I now have another income stream."

— Joakim Valsinger


Lolita San Miguel hopes to unite the Pilates community through mutual respect and to the many common bonds we share.